In a few words: professional, experienced, deadline- and results-driven. Lauren has written about marketing, finance, public safety, leadership, innovation, teamwork, knowledge management, critical thinking and decision making, and emotional intelligence. She is a quick study and exceeds expectations by producing high-quality work on time with minimal oversight.

Here is some recent feedback:

  • “This is wonderful. I’d like to ask that you translate everything I think or say into something this intelligent.  Great job.”
  • “Nice!  Excellent portrayal of the conversation.  I’ll get great use out of this myself! Here are my edits, but you have my blessing to change them back or tweak it in any other ways you deem appropriate. It’s a pleasure to work with you!”
  • “This is very good.  You’ve made me sound better than I am–but you’ve kept my underlying sense.”
  • “Great article—very well done.”
  • “The text looks great. I’m amazed at how you can take the ramblings of a professor, and make them sound clear and understandable!  Thanks for your great work on this!”
  • “Thanks for the article – it nicely captures some of the main elements of the new argument that we have proposed.”
  • “Love it!  Wouldn’t change a thing! Awesome article!  Thanks so much!”

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